What documentation do students need in order to apply for an Ed Visa?

  • Copy of photo page and all stamped passport pages (photocopying facility available at school free of charge)
  • Passport size photo’s x 20
  • Bank statement
  • Completed application form (This can be done @ school)

What is the process for making an Educational Visa ( ED-Visa)?

Once you have enrolled for our Thai or English course and you have provided us with all the documentation that we need for processing your Ed-Visawe will then register you with the Ministry of Education.

Once the Ministry of Education returns all your paperwork to the school along with an approval letter (this can take about 3- 4 weeks ) we will pass all the documentation to you so that you can present it to any Thai consulate outside of Thailand (most students choose to go to Penang) to apply for your Ed Visa. This can take up to 3 to 4 days.

Once your Ed Visa is approved and you return to Thailand with your 3 month Ed Visa you must contact the school immediately. This is very important as the school will process your extension documentation for you and forward it to the Ministry of Education (this can take between 4-6 weeks). Once the documentation has been returned to the school you must present it at Immigration in Samui. You must proceed to attend immigration every 3 months for the extension of your visa (The extension fee at the immigration is 1,900 THB each time).