Learning the English Language on Samui Island (Koh-Samui) at The School of Joy, there are 2 options for you to choose from:

Learn English with a Native English Speaker.

We start at beginner’s level using simple topics to introduce the basic structure of English sentences. We introduce basic vocabulary, basic sentences and basic conversational English.

Your teacher will help you throughout each lesson, focusing on your pronunciation as well as your understanding of the language.

Once you and your teacher believe you are ready to progress to the next level, you will sit a test before moving to intermediate and then advanced level English. You will be introduced to more complicated words, phrases, grammars and structured dialogs within these levels.

 Learn English with a Thai teacher

The teaching method and material is exactly the same as Learning English with a Native English speaker.

We find a lot of our Thai students feel more comfortable learning from a Thai teacher as they may feel more confident. Some students later choose to switch to learning English with a Native English Speaking Teacher once they have gained more confidence.  However, our Thai teachers have students of many different nationalities.

All our teachers are passionate and thrive at what they do. We try and make our lessons enJOYable for our students and maximize their learning using different techniques of teaching.

At The School of JOY we believe in maintaining a great student-teacher relationship, we think it is highly important to remain professional but at the same time our students must feel comfortable when approaching us. We believe we have built up a good balance of this relationship.