Learning how to speak Thai on Samui Island (Koh-Samui) with The School Of Joy.  We would love to teach you common Thai words & phrases you can use on a daily basis in life on the Island.

The beginners level at The School of Joy:

The main focus for a beginner’s class is conversation or speaking in phonetic English writing.

The contents of the lessons we teach are based on the most common topics that are essential for making your living on the island easier.

Your teacher will introduce new words, phrases, and sentences used by locals daily. Your teacher will help you with your pronunciation, tone and demonstrate the correct way to start a conversation by working with you through practice and role play.

The context of each topic will be reviewed once it is completed. Your teacher will assess your progress, understanding and confidence before beginning the next topic.


The intermediate level at The School of Joy:

The intermediate class also focuses on conversation. New vocabulary will be introduced as well as new phrases and longer conversational Thai at intermediate level.

In addition to learning conversational Thai, at intermediate level we also teach our students how to read in Thai.

We introduce the Thai Alphabet and vowels to better your understanding when learning to read and write in Thai.

You will be very surprised at how easy it is to read and write in Thai. The Thai language is mainly phonetic; you will quickly become familiar with structure of words, using consonants and vowels. Then it’s just a case of learning all 44 alphabets and 32 vowels! J

Don’t let those numbers frighten you; most our student’s get 80 per cent of the letters and vowels correct after 10 lessons (each lesson last duration of 1 hour).

The ability to be able to read in Thai will be of great benefit to any foreigner living on the Island of Samui. Imagine being able to read sign posts/boards, safety notices, warnings, Thai menus, price tags etc all by yourself?

You will gain a new confidence and sense of safety that will make life on the Island a whole lot easier and enjoyable for you!


The advanced level at The School of Joy:

At the advanced level we introduce formal Thai words and phrases. This is useful when reading newspapers, paper work and most books. Learning at the advanced level would be useful for those who have lived in Thailand for a while and have a office based job or a job that requires them to read formal documents/papers.

We also use “learning Thai from a song” or learning “Thai from the news of the day” in some of our lessons.